Philtered: The Podcast
Ep 4: Pushing Back Against Madness (Part 1)
Ep 4: Pushing Back Against Madness (Part 1)
What will the year 2030 be like if trans-extremists have their way?

Trans-extremism and it’s toxic medical sidekick of the gender affirming economy are cults that have infiltrated politics, education, medicine and the media. What will the world be like if transgender ideology maintains its current momentum? I ask past Professor of Psychology, psychotherapist and author Dianna Kenny what could be in store.

(00:00) Host Introduction

(09:11) Interview with past Professor Dianna Kenny on the cult of gender ideology.

(39:45) Wind up from host

(45:49) Song by gender de-transitioner Grace de Stefano with Emerald Lady’ . Also at Igniting Courage.

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