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Ep 5: Pushing Back Against Madness (part 2)

Ep 5: Pushing Back Against Madness (part 2)

The Stupidity of Self-ID

Self ID, where anyone can identify as the other sex, is being proposed in the Australian States of Queensland and Victoria. Labelled as ‘progressive’ in these Labor states, the legislative outcome is being watched around the world. Will Australia become a leader in the denial of women’s rights in favor of a micro-minority of trans-extremists? I ask women’s advocates from both states what can be done to stop the stupidity of Self-ID.

0:00: Phil Dye introduction

02:53: Interview with Leah Whiston from Standing for Women Queensland

10:30: Phil Dye comment

12:50: Interview with Angie Jones - Womens’ Advocate and Host of Terf Talk Downunder

34:05: Phil Dye comment

36:30: Sal Grover being interviewed on Stoker on Sunday - Thank you Sky News Australia.

37:10: Final Phil Dye comments

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